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Adam Finlayson/AMF

I live, work, and volunteer in Evanston, IL:

By day I am a technology project leader at Northwestern. My team's role is to understand the teaching, research, and administrative needs of the Weinberg College, recommend technology solutions to decision makers, and manage IT projects from conception to completion. My background is in web development so I also contribute a fair amount to coding solutions, most often using the CakePHP framework. I started at Northwestern in 2001 as a web developer in University Relations. In 2006 I moved to the College as a web developer and later Co-manager of Web Infrastructure and Application Development before taking this role.

I'm originally from Dearborn, Michigan and later moved to Chicago where I attended Amundsen High School (1997). I studied mathematics and computer science at Cornell College (2001) in Mount Vernon, Iowa where I met my wife, Delia. I moved to Evanston in 2001 where we are currently raising our daughter, Edith Marie (2/13/2011), and Jack Russell Terriers, Diesel and Precious. I'm a graduate of Leadership Evanston (2006) and highly recommend it.

I put my curly braces on the right line. I mapped the maze of twisty little passages all alike. If I had to explain Unix in 140 characters or less I would say less is more, more is less, and cat is awesome because it has a funny name. I bike to work when the weather is nice. I have a kite in my office. I believe that relative to twelve ten is grossly overrated. I believe w=uh. I tpye god. INTJ.